We offer a comprehensive range of flexible tyre management options tailored to meet the individual operating needs of fleet customers 24hrs a day.

  • Tyre Fitting
  • Tyre Maintenance
  • Fleet Management

Minimum expenditure, maximum longevity and a reduced impact on the environment.

No matter which solution you choose, our aim is always  the same; we seek to deliver nothing less than total peace of mind.  What's more, each of our tyre management agreements, be it  Pay-As-You-Go, Pence-Per-Kilometer or Fixed Price is individually  tailored to ensure the closest possible match to your operational needs  every time.

Options available: 

  • Pay as you go
  • Pay as you go (Managed)
  • Pence per kilometer
  • Fixed price contract

Pay as you go 

The traditional method, whereby a tyre policy is decided upon by the customer along with the knowledge/experience of our staff.  

Pay as you go (Managed) 

Similar method to a Pay as you go account, but come with a set tyre policy, monthly fleet inspections and the option of consolidated invoicing at the end of each month.   

Pence per kilometre 

This is a fully inclusive package where we agree a fixed  pence per kilometre (PPK) rate with the customer. This is dependent on  the customer’s operation, equipment, tyre size and brand policy, locations, and specific service requirements. 

Fixed price contract 

This is also a fully inclusive package where a fixed monthly rate is agreed with the customer. 

Monthly Audits 

Full report on vehicle tread depths and conditions, to aid with customer’s vehicle maintenance schedules. Helps to plan removal of worn or damaged tyres, whilst minimising vehicle down time and maximizing tyre life.